TCP driver: clear tag after read

We have an RFID tag reader that works over a TCP socket. Whenever it reads a tag, it sends the stringified RFID info to the TCP listener.

So we tried to handle it as a TCP device in Ignition. It works pretty well: whenever a tag is read, I get a value change, and can run a script to handle the tag read.

However, I can’t find how to detect two subsequent reads of the same tag. As far as I can see, the tag reader just sends the same string to the TCP socket, but the Ignition tag doesn’t get updated so I don’t get a value change anymore.

Is there a way to clear the tag after reading it? So I can detect a new incoming message? Or is there another way to detect a new read with the same data?

Write your own socket code. (I never use the UDP/TCP driver. For multiple reasons.)

Phil’s right, you probably need to do this with your own socket code from scripting or a module.