TCP Driver Connection Status


I have been configuring the TCP driver to a Serial/Ethernet convertor for a barcode scanner, everything works correctly in terms of messages being recieved.

I have noticed that the connection status does not change to false when the ethernet convertor is disconnected from the network, the ignition status web page shows device is still connected, although underneath reads ‘0 of 1 listeners connected’.

When I plug the device in it is reconnected automatically as I have set a timeout of 10000ms.

I searched forum and found a topic (viewtopic.php?f=70&t=6396&p=20106&hilit=tcp+status#p20106) which indicates the connection status is working correctly.

My questions are

  1. Is there a way to retrieve status on a particular listener being connected.

  2. As I have set a 10s timeout if no data recieved to allow auto reconnection the driver disconnects/reconnects frequently could data be missed if scanner is used during disconnected time.

Unfortunately there is not a way to retrieve the status of an individual listener. The tags associated with that listener will go to a bad quality when it is disconnected and then go back to a good quality once a new value has been received.

Yes it is possible to miss data if the device tries to write while Ignition is disconnected. Your device may have something internally that handles attempted writes when it is not connected (likely the converter you’re using would handle this, but if it is extremely simplistic then there may be no such error handling)