TCP Driver for OPC-UA Server Device Auto Enable/Disable Reset

I have an Ethernet Ricelake Scale Indicator that ignition reads the weight from. I am using aTCP Driver for OPC-UA Server Device to do this. The problem that I am running into is that every time the operator cycles power to the control panel, the TCP Driver has to be reset by disabling the device and then re-enabling the device. I have created a menu command to manually reset the driver.

I am wondering why I would have to reset the device at all. If I am required to reset the device, how can I do it automatically.

We try to use the TCP driver for a similar device. It seems this driver is very basic. We finally choose to use something else that is more managable.

Could you share what you ended up using?

The project was to connect Ignition to a serial device using a serial to TCP converter. The converter worked fine but there was now way to test the tcp link between Ignition and the converter. If the connection get down, there was no way to detect it and reinitialize it. Because of that it was not a good solution.

Finally, we connect the serial device on a plc. The plc decode the serial messages and put the data into tags.

Changing the Inactivity Timeout setting will force the driver to treat the connection as broken after not receiving data after some period of time. The default setting is zero, which means no timeout / infinite timeout, so if the driver doesn’t see a clean shutdown from the other end you’re at the mercy of the TCP stack in the OS and its Keep Alive, which is usually absurdly long, not settable, and not worth relying on.

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