TCP Driver IsConnected Issue

I have a customer who is using a Microscan Ethernet barcode scanner which sends out barcode scans in ASCII format on port 2001. I’ve setup the Ignition TCP driver to point to the Microscan IP and port. I setup the IsConnected diagnostic tag so that I can display to the user that Ignition is connected and they can start their scanning.

Everything was working well until recently, when for some reason the IsConnected diagnostic bit seems to not be updating/working. When I look at the device in the gateway it says connected 1/1. And when I scan a barcode I get data coming in on the Message tag, however the isConnected bit continues to show false. I tried restarting the TCP Driver module and then the isConnected goes to true. The device was initially setup with an Inactivity Timeout of 0, which I then changed to 30000, which also doesn’t seem to help.

Any suggestions or thoughts on what could be going on here would be greatly appreciated?

Ignition Version: v8.0.5 (64bit)