TCP Driver Message tag - Read as bytes

When using the TCP Driver built into Ignition is it possible to receive data as a byte array or some other raw (nonString) data array?

Most of the data coming through the TCP Driver Message tag is bytes (0-255) or int32, int64. The trouble I’m having is trying to decode the TCP Driver Message tag to raw data. The decoding of the ASCII string which contains extended ASCII is dependent on the text encoding/decoding. During the decoding process in scripting I’m not seeing the same data as what Wireshark says is in the packet. Normally in control systems bytes are unsigned (0-255) and in java they are -127 to 127 so this is another issue when decoding extended ASCII.

Hopefully someone can assist with my challenges.

If you’re dealing with binary data from the devices you might have better luck making the socket connections from scripting instead of using the TCP driver. The TCP driver was originally developed with barcode scanners and other simple devices in mind - things that are just constantly emitting simple ASCII data.