TCP driver reconnection problem


I have a problem with the TCP driver reconnection. I have configured the TCP driver and it connects correctly to a TCP server located in another Windows server, the problem comes when the server(Windows) of the TCP server has a restart, the TCP driver doesn’t reconnect to the TCP server until I push the “Save” button of the Ignition “Gateway>Devices>TCP_driver1”.

I have configured the option “Inactivity Timeout” to 60 second, this works when the TCP server fails(the software), after 60 seconds, the TCP driver try to disconnect/connect. The problem is when the Windows server is restarted, the TCP driver can not reconnect until I press the “Save” button.

What Can I do?

I’m using Ignition 7.9.9

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I’ve got the same issue here with version 7.9.5. Did you find any work around ?

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Same problem on 8.1

You can accomplish the same thing via scripting:

# Replace DeviceName below with name of TCP connection device.

The trick is deciding when to run the script. You could call it from a button, but if you want it to reconnect automatically you'll have to deduce this from something else you know in your application. Or maybe there's something I missed in the TCP device tags that could be used to deduce a loss of connection.

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