TCP/IP driver Message delimiter type


I am using the TCP driver . It works fine with a barcode scan.

Now I send it intructions to the BCS and it answer me. The problem is when the BCS answer me with more than one packet because the “message delimiter type” is “Packet Based” and always have the last packet BCS has sent to me.

any idea?



I have seen I have to configure the “message delimiter type” as “character based”. But know the problem is the final character of the message is [CR] (carriage return).

This character is 13 in ASCII code.

I have written in the field delimiter message the following: chr(13), CR, [CR], “CR”, “[CR]”.


Try using a \r as the delimiter. That is the how the carriage return is represented in Java.

\t is tab
\b is backspace
\n is newline
\r is carriage return
\f is form feed

Thanks Dave,

with \r is OK.