TCP Message Repeater

I would like to know if anyone has experience using Ignition, or the machine it runs on as a TCP message repeater.


We have a vendor who receives scan tunnel data via serial connection and then makes it available to external connections as TCP messages. The twist is that they can only accept one connection at a time so as long as the existing SCADA provider is using it, we cannot connect. Likewise there will be a development period in which the existing SCADA will still need the messages.

So that we can continue to temporarily feed the service that Ignition will replace we want to achieve the following functionality:

  1. Ignition connects to the actual source of TCP messages and can use them for its own purposes
  2. The messages are repeated and served up to the existing SCADA service from Ignition on the IP address of the Ignition machine and a specified port



I dont have setup this but it perhaps can do job