TCPClientChannel$TimeoutReaper error

Any one have any ideas on this error we started getting yesterday? I had to restart the gateway to get the error to clear out and to get the system to start working correctly again. Clients would run but they wouldnt display data. I pulled the logs and a thread dump of the system while error was occuring. This is the first time we have seen this error.

[TCPClientChannel$TimeoutReaper] [18:34:05,879]: Reaper found timed-out operation: ReadRequest RequestId=1341475 RequestHandle=1341415

What that’s implying is that for some reason the UA server wasn’t responding in time to requests from the UA client. Can you send your logs and the thread dump to the support email address so we can take a look?

Do you have a ticket # or just send them in to the support email?

Well it just started doing it again. I captured all the logs and TD and sent it in also so maybe between the two events you can see whats going on. I would bet it will come back once i reset the gateway so if need be i can call in tomorrow and we can take a look at it then while the error is occuring.

Thanks for the thread dump. I’ve identified the cause and will fix this ASAP.

You must be running an OPC-UA 1.5.5 beta version - is that correct?

Yes we are running 1.5.5 b1 UA which was installed with 7.5.5 b6. Just let me know when you get fix up and i will put it on here. Thanks for the help.