TCPServerChannel Errors after upgrade to 7.9.6

We just completed an upgrade to 7.9.6 and Java to update 161 (8.0.1610.12)
The server appears to functioning fine but every 15 seconds there is an error in the log

TcpServerChannel Time:
10Mar2018 14:13:40
Received renew but currentChannel==null; closing.

I have regenerated all certificates, restarted the gateway, deleted an old Kepware connection.
But the error keeps coming up every 15 seconds.

You’ve got some other client, probably an Ignition, connecting to this server. If you edit/save or reset it somehow it should stop.

This machine is part of a gateway network, that is the only other thing connected to it.
If I go in and change the endpoint to the default of localhost, the errors go away but then the gateway network faults.
I then change it back to the servers IP address, the gateway networks reconnect, but the above TCP errors start again.

I had to go on the central server and put a host over ride address in for this server now for some reason.
Did that, reset all the connections, and the world is happy again…