Technical library

Dear experts,

Our client wants to have a technical library where if you press on a device (valve, pump, measurement,…) you can find the documentation.

Of course every device has a unique tagnumber. I would create a shared folder on my ignition server called “Devices” with subfolders of each device labeled as their tagnumber.

Now the client wants to add and remove documents as much as he wants. My thought was, with some sort of script, to open windows explorer and browse to this path. The tagnumber of the device is already shown in the faceplate that opens if u click on a device.

Is there a script that opens windows explorer if you press on a button?
After it opens clients can add / remove documents easy as it is a normal windows explorer popup.

Does this idea seem logical to you experts or do you have any new idea’s?
The problem I might have is if this subfolder does not exist and/or if clients have alot of windows explorers open that this would eat alot of RAM on the client.

Thanks in advance!

Others might disagree, but I would store the files in a database. I think it’s easier to manage. Just my two pennies.