Tell me about the switch user function

It closes my header where i have the switch user button, i omitted the event and it still closes the window.

I have to use a popup to prevent this functionality, is there any way around this? Thanks

Not sure what to tell you. If the “event” argument is omitted, the function does not close the window.

I mean, switching users by definition closes all windows, and then re-opens them. If you have an event object passed into switchUser, then it doesn’t re-open the window that the event originated from.

Perhaps you need to show us your code?

Hi Carl,

I have a header bar at the top of the screen, a navigation bar on the left side of the screen and the main window for the rest.

My switch user was in the header bar, no matter which way i tried the header bar would be closed. To get around it i just made a popup and put it there so it wouldn’t close the header bar.

I wasn’t using anything fancy, just two text fields with the new username and password. It would log them in but then i was stuck.

The behavior I’ve noticed from Ignition (7.6.4) when switching users is that it closes all open windows and only opens the windows that are set to Open On Startup. Ignition doesn’t re-open the windows that were opened before switching users.

Can either of you make simple test-case project that demonstrates this behavior? We’re not seeing it …