Temp Files Created By Mobile Clients?

Hello all,

I have recently started using several mobile clients that remain connected for extended periods of time (a couple days). We noticed that although the Client Memory setting was set to 256mb, we were seeing temp files on our Ignition server that were growing up to 2Gb (650mb can be seen in the image below) before we would terminate the client or max out of memory on the server.

I can confirm that these temp files are directly linked to the mobile clients. When viewing the temp files, they would be removed when the mobile clients were terminated.

What I’m wondering is:

  1. Whether the creation of temp files for VMs is expected?
  2. If there is a way to cap the file size from Ignition, or will it need to be done externally?

Bonus Question:
3) If you have ever noticed temp files being created (because of Ignition), what was the cause?

Thank you!

They’re from Java’s ImageIO class, which is used heavily by the mobile module. So in that sense they are expected behavior.

We don’t currently have any configuration exposed that would let you disable the cache though.

Ah, so it is not related to the mobile client heap size setting. Good to know.