Template behavior at the border

Using v7.9.6, I am noticing an anomaly in graphic behavior of templates at the edge of the template.

If I have a template that has a line along one edge that is anchored top, bottom and left and then stack a several of these templates together, I get a seamless line along the left of the stack as expected. If, however, I embed this template in another template and I anchor the embedded template as well and then stack several instances of the nested template, I get a 1 pixel gap in my line even though both templates are set to border = none, both templates are the same height, the line in the embedded template is the same height as both templates. Is there a workaround to this or can I just not have my border line nested inside an embedded template?

Thanks for any input.

Did you “Enable Layout” in your templates? Without that option, the elements of the templates don’t respect anchoring.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, Enable Layout is checked for both the nested and parent templates.