Template binding security

Hi all, I am a new Ignition user and I am working on an existing project (not developed by me). At the moment I am trying to add some functionality on an existing template but without success, maybe you can help me… this is the situation:

  • The project has a Tag datatype defined for a process tank, lets call it Tank
  • Also we have a template which one uses this datatype as property, lets call it TankS

With the new functionality I am trying to do the next:

  1. Add a new memory tag to the Tank datatype, lets call it AlarmEnabled
  2. Edit the template adding a 2 state toogle button which will switch on/off the AlarmEnabled memory tag on its Tank

I got success with the item 1 and also I did edit the template and I did add the 2 state toogle button binding its Control, Indicator and Current State properties to the AlarmEnabled tag


But when I run the project, the toogle button switch on/off but the AlarmEnabled tag do not change (seems like the event hasn’t effect over the memory tag).
About this, when the binding panel opens I can see a small padlock near to the Tank node on the tree (please look at attached picture)

I know you can add security to the every element and maybe this is the problem, but I can’t find the rule or the element who has it.

I hope you can help me with this, I will be really gratefull.

BTW… If I do modify the AlarmEnabled tag value (forcing it) the 2 state toogle button change its state, so the binding works in this way but not from the button to the tag.