Template "Caching"?

We have a binding on a template for Template Path, which changes the path depending on the properties passed in to a parameterized popup window. If we edit and save a template in the designer, the template displayed in the client won’t update until it is restarted.

The template updates as expected if there is no binding on the Template Path property or if a template repeater is used instead (binding on the Template Path).

Is this a bug or expected behavior? The cache policy for the popup window is set to Never.
Edit: Ignition 8.1.0

This may not be related to your issue, but I have noticed that migrated projects from 7 to 8 don’t update any embedded templates from the shared library if you make changes to their definition. This is only the case when the template path is still using the old [shared]path/to/template. A find/replace to the new SharedTemplates/path/to/template will resolve it