Template Canvas column wrapping

Hi all,
I’m trying to use a template canvas to layout templates in a multiple columns layout. Following the Miglayout documentation, I set the Layout Constraints canvas parameter to flowy, wrap. Intended behavior: my templates should reach the end of the first column and then continue on the second column. What I see instead: the templates are laid out in a row. If I set flowy without wrap, my templates are laid out in a single long column, but that’s not what I need.
Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks, regards

That’s not how MigLayout works. flowy just means that components will be laid out vertically, rather than horizontally. wrap with no value will probably mean that each component gets its own column.

MigLayout, despite being an absolute kitchen sink, does not automatically wrap to additional columns.
If you’re able to use a single template, you could use the template repeater, which does have the ability to flow. You could also use a meta-template, which itself contains a dynamic template, in the repeater, if you did need different template types in your layout.

Thanks @PGriffith. Yes, I need to put different templates on the same canvas: I will try to follow your suggestion about meta-templates.
Thanks, regards