Template Canvas Dataset parameters not changing


I recently starting to use the Template Canvas object because i want to move the item in the Template Canvas dynamically (you can’t do that in Template Repeater).

My template used in the Template Canvas have specific custom properties. This custom properties make the template resize dynamically. The resize of the template is not considered by the Template Canvas at all, the size of the item is unchanged, so the resize part of the component is invisible. I would like that the next component move because the last component is now higher than before, then do the opposite.

Thanks you in advance.

P.S.: I change the description of the problem to be more clear.

The position and width and height of templates in the template canvas are determined by the x,y,width,height columns in the Templates dataset property on the template canvas. If you want to change the size of templates then you need to change that data.

Check out these blog posts to see what is possible:

I already saw this parameters, but you can’t make an animation on this. I’m trying to have something very fluid at the end. Between the Custom parameters of my component are not updated outside of the component. To be more precise, the parameters value in the Template Canvas dataset are not changing.


The assignments from this dataset to the template instances' parameters is and has always been a one-way operation. Consider submitting a feature request. In the meantime, you will have to script the changes to the dataset as your UI manipulates the canvas.

I didn’t know about this one-way operation. That’s not really user friendly to code, i will search how to do that.

Any way thanks for the answer.

It is better.
Is it possible to manipulate components that are dynamically created?
For example:
Dropbox List
How can I get the values and pass values?