Template Canvas iteration questions

I was hoping that someone here could answer a couple of template canvas questions for me. The tutorial describes it as similar to the repeater but with the ability to use and position multiple templates inside of it. Is there a direct way to create iterations of those templates using the canvas? By direct, I mean by changing a property, like you do with the count property on the repeater, not having to resort to scripting.

What I’m looking to do is place two templates inside the canvas, Left and Right. Left will repeat, say 6 times. The number of Right iterations will change with each Left iteration. Left 1 might produce 4 Rights, Left 2 might produce 2 Rights, Left 3 might produce 6 rights, etc…

I think that the template canvas is my departure point for setting this up but I don’t understand how you produce template iterations within the canvas. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the point of the canvas entirely.

thanks in advance for your help

You get iterations in the canvas by repeating rows in your driving dataset. How you query or generate that will drive the quantities of specific templates on your canvas, and their order.

Ah, I see what you mean. Generating the quantities is uglier than I assumed it would be since you have to produce the locations and dimensions. Dimensions for each template should remain static but properly placing them is something else. What’s the typical approach? Scripting?