Template Canvas printing

I have a template canvas that I am using as a form for operators to fill out information in which they can print out later. It seems like all my non label components are printing. Is there a way in that I can have the label components show on the printed paper or pdf?5Y.pdf (580.7 KB)

I just tried it (Ignition 7.9.11, Java 8), and it works without a problem.

What version of Ignition are you using? Perhaps you can try with a different version.
What version of Java do you have?

Can you make a minimal example (a single window with a label and a print button) that doesn’t work on your setup, and share it here?

If the minimal example works, perhaps you can search why the complex example doesn’t work (certain color settings, nesting of templates/containers, …).

PS: you may want to set the “rows” parameter on your text areas to something smaller. That will hide the scroll bars (scroll bars on paper aren’t usable anyway)