Template canvas set gap to 0

Hi there,

I’m trying to use the Template Canvas Layout Positioning mode to put a few templates in a row.
Its a fairly simple application, there will only be one row of components, only two different templates will be used.

Without applying any special layout settings, i get gaps between the components.
How can i reduce these to 0? Or small enough that the components actually touch?

I’ve had a look through these MIG component resources, but applying all sorts of combinations of “gap” and “gapx” didn’t really do anything for me.



Non-zero values for min:preferred:max gap size seem to work, as below:

Note: I can certainly use the Absolute Positioning method to get what i want, but i would like to avoid having to manually calculate all the position parameters if possible.

Change the ‘Layout Constraints’ property of the template canvas itself to include gap 0:


Ah perfect thanks, i was wondering how to control the global settings. That did the trick.

@PGriffith do you know how to return a “{” inside a mysql select query so that the paramters part of the dataset can be returned via a query?
Struggling a bit to get that final piece of the puzzle sorted so that i can generate this dataset from a mysql query.

It seems like mysql treats “{}” characters as delimeters or something. Or something gets converted to a “path” in mysql.

Maybe try JSON_QUOTE(column) in your query?


Thanks for the point in the right direction.
using JSON_OBJECT works, as per this manual page:
(MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 11.5 The JSON Data Type)

	JSON_OBJECT('cut_index',row_id) AS "parameters",
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