Template Canvas

I know I’m jumping the gun a bit but I just downloaded 7.7.2-rc2 and was looking for more information on the template canvas.

I can’t figure out how to interact with the parameters of the templates using the initializeTemplate extension function. I do see that I can format some JSON in the “parameters” column of the Templates dataset but doubt this is the way to go, otherwise that extension function wouldn’t exist :slight_smile: The only properties I’ve found on the Template object is .instanceName and .name

This also opens up another question of how I might be able to interrogate templates and their associated parameters through scripting. Ideally I would like a user to be able to browse templates in a given folder within the Templates section and have each one’s parameters exposed for the user to fill out. Then take all of that data and dump it into the template canvas.


Currently you can use this:

template.setPropertyValue("My Param", "My Value")

It will be fixed to this:

template.MyParam="My Value"

Perfect - thank you very much