Template changes won't save

I have created a template where I have changed format of a numeric label and also changed the color scheme of a 2 state toggle button. I save it and close it and then open it back up again and my changes are wiped out and it goes back to the default values. Any idea why?

Can you share a screenshot of the properties? Are they possibly bound to something or controlled by a style customizer like in the screenshot below?


Here is screenshot of the view and the properties. I dragged the tag over the 2 state toggle button then made changes. It bound the control value and indicator value properties to the tag automatically which is what I want. I changed the text and color for both states and then saved. When I reopen it goes back to the original default values.

I tried to the same thing on a window instead of a template and I get the same thing. It will not keep the changes

I changed the foreground color, background color, and the text for both states and then saved. Reopen and its back to green and red with On and Off as text

The style customizer is overriding your changes. Right-click the component and go to Customizers > Style Customizer.


You can either customize the properties from there, or remove everything from "Used Properties:" and then try again the same way you were doing before.

If you want the colors to change, I'd recommend the Style Customizer.


what if i dont have anything brought over to the used properties? By default thats the case. Would nothing in the used properties still create the same situation?

Did you check that it's blank? Your screenshot suggests that Used Properties includes Foreground Color, Background Color, and Text, the three properties with the image icon. All three of those are included by default when you create a new 2-State Toggle, at least in version 8.1.28.


Ah I see. I do see it on the button. I never changed them but must have been added by default. I actually dont need the color or text to change based on button press but I see how I can delete them if needed. As far as the number format I had copied it from another spot and just realized it had a script associated with it that kept putting it back to one decimal. Thanks for the help!

You're welcome, glad it's working!

Did you "Copy Binding" from another object's property? That's always going to come with some sort of tag, expression, etc. that will affect the value. If you want the property to remain static, you can directly copy and paste the text with ctrl-c/ctrl-v.

Mouseover text is bound too. Looks like to me a tag was dragged from the browser into the button widget which by default binds several properties including numeric format, mouseover, etc.