Template Component Fill Color

I have an issue very similar to what is described in this thread:
inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … vel#p42507

I have created a symbol for a tower level for an elevated bowl type of water tower. I used the shape editing tools to obtain the desired over all shape which ends up as a white rectangle with the bowl and legs cut out of it and a Level Indicator “behind” this shape. The end result is that the fill level shows up as desired, but with a bordering shape which is necessary only to cover up the unwanted parts of the Level Indicator. Now, I want to add the polishing touch of making the fill color of the surrounding shape take on the background color of the window in which it is used.

I created a property with the data type color so that I can manually set each instance as needed for now. Is there a way to reference the Root Container background color so that I can assign it to that property?

It is a minor thing to have to set it manually since I do not intend to dynamically alter the window background colors, but it would be “cleaner” if the shape fill color was tied to its container background color which would permit simply dropping the template on the screen and assigning the level tag. And then it should follow any changes made to the background color if I were to decide to alter them dynamically.


You could make a custom property on the root container of type “Color” and bind both the root container background color and the bordering shape fill color to this property. That way you can adjust both at the same time if the background color ever needs to change.

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