Template creator?

Hi guys,
im still getting acquainted with Ignition here… I was wondering if there was a wizard or another program I can use along with ignition to create templates…theyre just simple shapes or rectangles etc built together. But its taking me quite long to copy out this drawing I’m trying to imitate.

So im asking is there a simple program out there I can use to import a drawing in and imprint it to a template to use on ignition?

I’m using shapes to take it apart in sections so I can assign it to different tags.

Thank you.

No. But I guess you could make it in a SVG program and then import it. That would be more work than just drawing it in a template editor inside of the Ignition Designer.

Yea that’s what I thought… plus it’ll just be another drawing where I have to add labels and other components too…atleast if I draw it as a template, I can easily edit it without having to constantly import hmm

You can definitely use an SVG editor, such as Inkscape (open source freeware) to create complex graphics. That’s what I use all the time, especially for customer logos that come from raster formats like PNG or JPG. There is a function, Trace Bitmap, which converts a bitmap / raster image directly to vector for you.

The graphic editing tools in Ignition are very limited, and certainly for more complex graphics than a few boxes or circles, I would never try to make these in Ignition as it’s just frustrating

Trace bitmap sounds like the exact thing I need! thanks nick!!

I was using Gravity Designer for the logos…turning them into SVG. While I have you, can I ask if theres a way to add these image SVG files to the project itself. so if I was to move the project onto another computer, it wont break and look for the image file path?

If it is an actual SVG with path information etc… you should be able to drag it onto a window and then Ignition will convert it to groups and paths. Then you can turn it into a template object rather than an image.

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Just use Symbol Factory…
All paths inside

Can you store your own components inside symbol factory?

It sounds like you might be copying a raster format image into ignition’s image browser, if that’s the case, I would avoid using the image browser whatsoever (unless they’ve started supporting SVGs). These objects all pixelate upon zooming. I would always try to use vector graphics in your projects, leave using raster images for outdated scada platforms :grin:

It not possible to modify Symbol Factory. My point was that Symbol Factory has enough and if is not, downloading and adding from internet is way to easy.
In fact for more SVG Ignition Documentation suggests https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/Perspective+-+Icon for Perspective, but those can also be used in Vision.

Ah, I think I’ve used Symbol Factory maybe once before. The symbols they have are generally too complicated / distracting for HPHMI / situational awareness standards that call for simple graphics.

So you can may them simple
Going from left to right only takes 2 seconds.

I see your point, and some symbols probably do look fine just flattening (combining) the shapes together, however you still have far less control when they’re stuck in Ignition if you do need to change anything (vertex manipulation is absolutely horrible!). I guess it’s a matter of personal preference, but I will always give preference to fully-featured drawing packages, as that’s what I’ve grown up using. I do understand that if someone haven’t used them before though, that they can be overwhelming with so many options! It’s a bit like jumping into a CAD program for the first time :laughing:

True, it’s matter of personal preference. Some people might like to take their time and create their own from scratch, others might prefer to use what’s its been already created.
Actually for me Ignition interface is more friendly than Inkspace for example.
Best Regards @nminchin

HaHa. thats a good shout. I’ll go change my image browswers. Thank you so much once again!!

Minor point of order, image management in Ignition did get .SVG support sometime in 8.0’s lifespan.