Template Dataset Update

I have a template with a parameter of type Dataset. As a test the dataset has a few rows added to it. If I place the template on a page, naturally, I can see the dataset with the test rows, however, if I go to the template itself and add or remove rows from the dataset then save the instances in use do not reflect the change. Is this normal behavior? Is there something I need to do to refresh the instance? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Assuming Vision here. Is the dataset parameter a template parameter that you pass in, or an internal parameter? If it’s one you pass in then it won’t update in your instances, as you’ve already dragged them onto the screen and their instance values are then fixed until you change them yourself for the instance. It wouldn’t make sense for these to update, as this would wipe out your config. Internal parameters on the other hand will update with changes to the template

Please define “internal parameter”.
The parameter (tagPens) is on the template object, named navButton. It cannot be bound to anything.

What I am trying to do is send a list of tag pens to an easy chart on another page with only certain pens enabled, based on site, but with all pens available for use. I currently do this with navigation buttons that each have their own individual tagPens dataset parameter, but as more tags are added to the project and more pens get added to the overall trend I find myself having to edit a dozen navigation buttons to add new available pens to the chart. It would be easier if I could use this template and only update the dataset once and have it propagate out, but it looks like that won’t work. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

So this list of tags is one common list? Why not use a memory tag to hold it?