Template: How to read x, y, height and width from a template component at runtime

The reason I want to read the X, Y, Width, Height is because I am using the development mode as my design tool. I am working in a template and I have several components on the template. so what I do is move these components around to create a new design and then once I have the new design I go to run mode and press a button to save the x, y, width and height of all the components together with its new design name to a data set property that is part of the template. this way I do not have to update all my components in the design mode manually. When I finally use the template in a window, I select a design and the template will move all the components around to show the selected design.

Problem that I have is I do not know how to read the x, y, width, height programmatically from a component on a template. for instance I am using templates within this template but I am also using several painting canvased and drawn boxes.

Are you using Perspective or Vision?

I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re aiming for here, but, if you are using Vision, this thread covering template designed size, instance size, and runtime size may help:

You might want to look into using the template canvas

I am using vision. I will try to use the template canvas.

But reducing the issue to the smallest issue.
Lets say you use a template within a template.
In designer you move the template position and size.
when I go to run mode in the designer I want to record the position and size of the template that was in the template.

By would I want to do that:
I have multiple electrical component, like multiple wire a relay or a transformer, multiple connectors etc… So for each component. lets say a fuse, the wires and connectors connected to this fuse are in a certain location and have a certain size, but for a relay I use the same wires and connectors but they need to be in a different location and have a different size.
I move the wires and connectors around for the new design I am building and then manually record all of that information in a dataset. At run time I can reconstruct the design based on what the user selects Fuse versa relay etc… today I am manually recording the X,Y and position in the dataset, but it is time intensive. so I was hoping to position and size my wires and connectors in design mode, switch to run mode and press a button that will save all the x,y, size in the dataset to save me all that time to enter it in manually.