Template Internal Properties

hi everyone,

In my project,
one of template has 14 internal properties and 2 template parameters,
in this template I have 9 text fields, when I drug and drop this template on a window, I can change one of text fields with a template parameter, however I also want to change the other 8 text fields.

when i drug and drop this template on window, I can change only template parameters, how and where can i change internal properties on window?

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It sounds like you’ll want to move your internal properties to parameters. As you’ve seen, parameters give you external access to set things like you want. Internal properties are useful for things like indirect tag bindings based on the parameters and other things that are set by code or bindings inside the template.

Also if you have that many individual text fields it can become kind of annoying to change each one. May be better to pass in a dataset where each row in it defines a text field. This also has the benefit of letting you set the properties in something like notepad++ and then just paste it into the dataset.

firstly, thanks to everyone who helped me,

I had written some things in non-accessible tag so I couldn’t see these on my window. I permitted communication this tag and it was solved.

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