Template mouseover text

We can add mouseover text to a template or to the instance of the template when it is placed on a window. In neither case does the object display the mouseover text when hovering. Internal template components that have mouseover text set up work fine, just not the template itself.

running 7.5.5

I did a couple of quick tests, and mouseover text for both internal components and the template itself worked as expected. Can you export the template and attach it here? Also, which OS and Java version are you using?

Template attached. The gateway is running on a Windows 2008 server. Designer is running on Linux. Tested the client on Linux and Windows Server 2008. Also tested other templates on this project and none of them display mouseover text for the template itself.

Running Java 7 v13 on all machines
SCADA_2013-02-14_1233_partial.proj (4.44 KB)

Ah ok, I see what’s going on. The button in the template is taking up the entire template “container”. When you give the template a mouseover text string, you won’t actually see the text unless you mouseover the container. Since the button is covering the entire container, you will only get the mouseover text of the button itself, or nothing if there is no mouseover text for the button.