Template on window does not reflect number format change

Created a template and placed on window, later modified the number format pattern on the template. Saved template. Template displays correct format pattern, template on window does not. Deleted template on window, placed new instance of saved template, same problem.

It appears the format string will change only when it is modified at the tag level. Could be my assumption is incorrect that modifying it at the template instance level would override the tag level.

When you drag a tag onto a component, the number format pattern of the component is bound to the FormatString property of a tag. If you make a change to the number format pattern of the component, but don’t remove the binding, the binding will change the format back when the component refreshes its bindings. The component will refresh the bindings when the component is initially “painted” or “repainted” on the screen, like when you drag the changed template into a window.

So the short answer is: remove the property binding for the format pattern property of the component.

Makes sense. Thanks.