Template Path run logical run off

I am trying to figure out if on the “Template Path” option for a “Template Repeater” can it and if can how would you write an expression that would allow you to not just look at one “Template Path” but to two paths with a logical expression using the “Or, ||” logical operand, thanks. This is how it sort of looks on the designer application now
Template Path=PageSpecificTemp/TankBattery/Tank which it works it loads on the HMI what ever is on the end of that path, but I would like to give the option of not just “/Tank” but also OR “/Vessel”. I tried writing an expression in the Template Path settings or options (really don’t know what’s call), but it didn’t work and it look kinda like this
‘PageSpecificTemp/TankBattery/Tank’ ||

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


How do you know which to show? There would need to be some other component that controls that, and your template repeater’s template path could use the if() expression function.

(It cannot show both at the same time. Look at the template canvas for possibilities if you need that.)

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Thank you Sir, really appreciate your prompt response.