Template Properties magically changing

i have a page with 18 instances of a template.
i set in the master object an INT property, which i find below Template Properties objects in the window.
i bind this instance INT param to a fixed value i write at design time.
of course i set for each instance a different fixed INT value.

when i go runtime all values are magically set to the same number:open_mouth:

how is it possible?!

The property must be bound to something. Is the property bold?

uhm… no it is not.
i think templates are useful even when they’re note bound: they’re usable as quickly updatable graphic library. as i can see they’re not designed to be something like that. am i wrong?

anyway, i’m thinking a workaround: i can bind them to a fixed field.
any engineering-more-acceptable suggestion?


This was a bug that was fixed in 7.4.1