Template Property bindings to direct tag references

I have a custom PID faceplate template that has custom properties that are linked to device tags (on a SNAPPAC Opto-22 brain). They tags that I configure for the template properties display properly, but when I write new SP values or try to change any of the template linked tag values, the actual opto-22 tags do not update. It seems to update the PROPERTY value of the template, without passing that updated value through the tag linked to that property on the vision window. I can write the tag values directly (outside of the template). I am modifying PROPERTY values in my template, with the understanding that the tags linked to those properties would mirror the property changes. Does anyone else have any issues with this? Is there a better way to tie template values to tags, other than linking custom properties?

My first thought is your binding/parameter set to “bi-directional”? See the following from the manual:


+1 for @j.israelsen
Also, how are you binding your setpoint tag values? Are you using a tag binding or something else like an expression binding? (you should be using a tag binding)

Thanks all. That was the issue. My template was modifying local properties, but it was not updating the tag binding due to the bidirectional block not being checked.