Template Repater Bindings

I have template and would like to use the template repeater in Count mode, however I also want to be able to indirect bind properties on the specified template. eg. pass a tag path property through the template repeater object to the repeated template. is this possible? I do not want to use dataset mode on the template repeater object.

No, you have to use one or the other - dataset or count. If you have a fixed set of indirect paths to pass to each template, it should be fairly easy to create them with a script.

Thanks for the reply… can you elaborate. Would I run the script from the template or the template repeater object? Either way, I am uncertain on how to access the template properties through scripting. Would you be able to provide and example.

say my template has a custom property call tagPath and I’m using the Count mode on the repeater for a property called index. How would i assign the tagPath to each instance of the templae?


You don’t need to directly assign anything - that’s the advantage of dataset mode. You construct a dataset where each column has the same name as a given template parameter. Then, you populate each row in the dataset with the values you want each template to receive:

index tagpath
1 motors/motor 1
2 motors/motor 2
3 motors/motor 3

You would do this from a script somewhere on the window that contains the template repeater. If the list is static, you could just do it from visionWindowOpened ( a startup event on the window object itself).