Template Repeater and Dropdown Component "No Selection Label" Property

Version: 8.1.10 (b2021090812)
Using vision designer.

I have a template repeater displaying 3 instances based off a dataset.

The template has a dropdown component containing a script which when the “selected value” is changed the script fires.

The template using indirect tag paths to connect to a UDT with various types of tags. I have had no issues using indirect tag paths for the dozen or so components in my template.

The problem: when the project first loads, the dropdown component is empty. I would like the dropdown to display a value from a UDT via indirect tag path when the window opens/loads. When I use an indirect tag path on the dropdowns property of “No Selection Label” it displays nothing. If I select a tag, the dropdown will display the tag fine. If I select another components property it will display fine. Any time I try to use indirection relative to the mentioned property I get “blank” data.

Pretty green on ignition, but I don’t understand what is different about the dropdown “no selection label” than any other component property.

Try to bind something else to the no selection label. I believe you will find it doesn’t show up as bindable. That means it doesn’t fire change events, and therefore will not, by itself, cause the component to update. Most components have a number of “configuration” properties that are expected to be static, supplied only by deserializing the window settings from the designer.

Thank you pturmel.

If I bind “No Selection Label” to a tag or property the tag or property is displayed when the project loads. This unfortunately will not work with using template repeater.

If I bind using an indirect tag path or to a different component property which is fed from indirection the dropdown displays blank when the project loads.

Indirection takes longer, so the value isn’t there when the component draws itself the first time.

I can understand indirection takes longer.

What I don’t understand is I have 9 other components being fed with indirect tag paths and those components values are drawn immediately. The difference being a lot of those values are changing often so the component is being redrawn?

Is there a priority of properties assigned to components? If so I could understand the “No Selection Label” getting a low assignment.

In reality my application could be done differently, but we are using template repeaters for a number of things and I am trying to understand what other things could come up in the future.

Are you saying indirection on some dropdowns’ No Selection Labels is working, but not on others? Each component dictates what properties are bindable (source of a binding), and which property changes will trigger a redraw.

Thank you. I appreciate your responses.

I only have one instance of dropdown in the template, not multiple. The other components are not dropdowns.

Components having different parameters regarding bindings and redraws explains it for me. I will figure out another way to accomplish the task.