Template Repeater Auto Scroll Extremely Slow in different modes

Hello again,

I am using a template repeater to display some data and I have it set to continuously scroll vertically. It works extremely well in Design mode (scrolls pretty fast), but when I switch to preview mode, it scrolls at about half speed. When I open the published project in full screen, it barely moves a few pixels every second. Does anyone know why the speed changes based on how I’m viewing the screen, and how I could possibly correct that?

The only major difference execution between design mode and preview mode is the execution of event scripts. They are suppressed in design mode. Your situation sounds like a runaway property change event script gobbling up CPU time.

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I believe it is most likely a similar scenario where the repaint that’s being called so many times is simply not fast enough to keep up. Is there a way that I can scroll a ‘template height’ at a time, or even show the next hidden section of data to minimize the amount of repaints required?