Template repeater auto scroll


I’m trying to make a window with some elements scrolling constantly. In this way, I found that if I use the template repeater with this configuration:

It make a continuous vertical scroll. But if I make the same configuration changing only the flow direction:

It doesn’t move! And I need it to scroll in the horizontal way. Does anyone know why?

Is there any other parameter that I have to change?

Should I assume that as impossible?

I’ve never used that, so I don’t know if this will be helpful or not.

What happens if you change the Template Dataset from 5R x 2C to 2R x 5C? Is that possible?

It refers to the parameters of the different templates. I mean, in this case, I inserted 5 instances of the templates with 2 parameters each one (5R x 2C).

So this modification doesn’t affects. But thanks! :thumb_right: