Template repeater behavior oddity

I am using Ignition v7.9.6.

I am using a Template repeater. I have configured it to use a client dataset tag. The referenced client dataset tag has a tag expression that calls a project script. The script performs a database look up and returns a dataset. In the designer the dataset returned is the expected data. The template repeater displays the templates in the designer as expected. But when I check the published application the window with the template repeater is red with f(x) in the upper left hand corner.

I recreated the exact same dataset into a new client dataset tag by entering the data using the dataset viewer. This time the template repeater behaved the same in the designer, and it worked in the published application. Huh?

Both datasets have the same data. But the failing one is generated via script. I need the script based one to work since I am trying to dynamically build the screen. I don’t know how find out what the error is for the published screen.

Is this a new project? If so, did you enable legacy database access?

@KathyApplebaum, Yes, this is new project. I just checked the project properties for the client permissions and legacy database access is enabled.

The problem has been solved, with help from SepaSoft support. The project user source profile was different than the user source profile configured for the MES module by SepaSoft. My function for populating the dataset for the Template repeater was using an API call from the MES Module. I probably should have clarified that in my original post. I was confused as to how it worked in the designer but not in the published application.

What really helped me narrow it down to a security issue was to insert the function embedded in the tag expression into a button click event. In the published application, I click the button and then I see the error message. Previously, I couldn’t find any error in the log to help understand why the template repeater was red with an f(x) in the upper left hand corner. I hope this helps other newbies like me when it comes to troubleshooting. After finding the error I contacted SepaSoft to help with the security issue. I didn’t know that the user source profile configuration was mismatched between the MES module and the project.