TEMPLATE REPEATER - Dataset - Problem on loading templates

Hi everybody,
I create a screen with Template Repeater element. I configure it as Dataset and throw all elements (from 1 to 30) on a row. (Note that the elements are Template elements.)
The first template (1) throw incorrect values
From 2 and go on templates are shown all correctly.
But, the last element (30) doesn’t appear.

The index template is ok.

Any idea about how to select them correctly?¿

Thanks in advance,

Please DON’T SHOUT in the question title. Can you edit it to proper case, please?

Dataset rows are numbered from zero. So your rows would be 0-29, not 1-30. If you are misusing the index parameter, that would explain what you are seeing.

Hi pturmel,
Thanks for your response. You’re right.
I established the index parameter name, but I only could establish directly the template parameter text.
My solution at the moment is:
On the template parameter put the same item_name that I’ve on the results of SQL query of Template Repeater → Template Parameters.