Template repeater - is UDT type of repeater not recommended or not allowed

hi All
Inductive university video on template repeater says:

Now, there's something important to remember when you pass parameter values in using a template repeater, and it's that the template repeater will really only work with templates that use standard types of parameters. So regardless of what repeat behavior you use on your template repeater, you cannot use a UDT data type on your template. So with most templates, template repeaters can be a great way to really easily display a lot of instances of a template on a screen very quickly.

I did a quick test with template repeater which used dataset type of repetition and passed several parameters to the template which accepted them. The template i was using had already UDT type of parameter. All seems to work OK.

My confusion is what is really the meaning of the limitation which i quoted.
Could anybody please rephrase it for me?

I did also a test and changed "Index Parameter Name" on the template repeater to blank string which did not affect anything which begs a question what is the meaning of this parameter really?


How did you pass a different UDT instance to each template within the repeater? Or template canvas?

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thanks for asking this as i did have a look second time and realised that my description was incorrect. I did not pass UDT parameter but several normal parameters using template repeater.
I did have UDT in my template but i it was not used properly as UDT cannot be passed using template repeater.