Template repeater not obeying background color

I am using a template repeater in a project and have discovered that when the template repeater repeats a template with no properties it shows up as grey. This is annoying because for a split second the template repeater is grey while loading the new properties of that new template instance.

Is the background set to a different color for the template, but it shows the default gray background when loading the templates ?

I am also experiencing this.
The Template Repeater background is always default gray when it has no template parameters no matter what the background is set to for the repeater. I tried setting to the same color as my root container and still get the same results.
I’m also seeing the color change for a split second when new parameters are loaded for the repeater as zackscriven mentioned.

What version of Ignition are you currently using, 7.7.x ?


Same problem. Version 7.7.1

I’ve made a ticket for this.

Fixed for 7.7.3