Template repeater not refresh

Hi guys,

In my case created a template repeater using a dataset. this dataset got from dropdown property change action. Template repeater data refresh when changing dropdown selected value. when I delete or insert a row from the template repeater button click then not refresh the dataset in the template repeater.

Any idea how to refresh the automatic dropdown property change?


I'm afraid it is not clear to me what you are asking. It seems that you are generating your template instances within the repeater from a dataset, and that your template includes a dropdown. Are you wanting to make changes to the template repeater dataset using a template instance's dropdown from within the repeater?

If so, the key is identifying how many layers up you must go to get to the template repeater. It's usually about five layers up, so your template event handler will have to call it in the following manner: event.source.parent.parent.parent.parent.parent.

This post will guide you on how the templates are nested within the template repeater:

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@justinedwards.jle Thank you for your response.

solved my problem.

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