Template repeater render issue

A template repeater should show 10 instances of a template like this:

Sometimes they show up like in the following screenshot:

All leds are Images from the builtin library: each image Color Swap Filter property is bound to a custom property of the template itself.
Any suggestion about what combination of parameters could avoid such a mess-up? I tried already to play with the template Enable Layout and Combine Repaints properties but with no success.

Thanks in advance, regards

is this inside the designer? If so try raising your designer memory.

Yes Mr rmonson, it is inside the designer, but I saw just the same behaviour in the runtime, no metter the size of the memory allocated for the client.

Thanks for your help

No guarantee this will do anything at all (make sure to use the NCL/clear the java cache if you do try this) but you can try modifying the Java rendering properties defined in Configure → Gateway Settings:

This is almost certainly a bug in Java Swing, rather than Ignition’s codebase, so there’s not a lot other than general attempts to offer.

I’m curious if you’re passing any UDTs as parameters? Passing entire UDTs as a parameter can really slow things down because it loads the entire UDT each time its passed.

Yes mrogers, I do pass a whole UDT as a parameter. But while I can accept that window loading slows down, what is not acceptable is that loading is wrong.

Not yet tried: I will do it as soon as possible and I will be back to you with the result.

Thanks, regards