Template Repeater - Script to update Custom Property?

I am using a template and template repeater.

For simplicity, I’ll call the template “circle”
On the “circle” template I have a customer property called “status”.

If I use the template repeater, have it repeat 10 instances of the template “circle” I also have 10 instances of the “circle.status” custom property.

Is it possible, through scripting to manipulate all 10 instances of “circle.status” based on a mouse click on a any one of the templates in the template repeater? Code example:

# In the Event Handler: mouse/mouseReleased the following script would be called
if circle #1.status == 1:
   circle #2.status = 0
   circle #3.status = 0
   circle #4.status = 0
   circle #5.status = 0
   circle #6.status = 0
   circle #7.status = 0
   circle #8.status = 0
   circle #9.status = 0
   circle #10.status = 0

Because the script is embedded on the template itself, it won’t have any reference to the other templates in the repeater correct? So I’m not sure I can do something like this at the template level…probably something at the template repeater level?

In the mouse > clickedEvent of the template add:

for comp in event.source.parent.getComponents(): comp.setPropertyValue("Status",0) event.source.Status = 1