Template Repeater Scrollbar Policy Question

Is there any way to control the template repeater’s scroll bar policy? I am having some issues with the layout of a particular page when the template repeater turns its scrollbars (when content goes off the page). Unfortunately, the repeater puts the scrollbar on the inside of the container causing all of the interior content to be shrunk by the size of the scrollbar. (See the screenshot). Is there a way to either force the scrollbars to always be on, or leave a space inside the repeater that the scrollbar can open into?


Hi Dan,

You can make the vertical scroll bar always appear in the template repeater by adding the following Python script to the template repeater’s propertyChange event handler:

if event.propertyName == "componentRunning":
	from javax.swing import ScrollPaneConstants
	repeater = event.source
	jscrollPane = repeater.getComponents()[1]


Thanks, that works like a champ. I wonder if there’s a way to hide the scrollbar, yet still keep that space.