Template repeater using dynamic dataset

Hello, I am very new to ignition.I have 5 buttons and every time i press a button ,a pop up window should appear with toggle buttons. The label on the toggle buttons is dynamic i.e depending on which of the 5 buttons i pressed, my pop up window should show different toggle buttons . Since i will be using more than 1 toggle button, i am using the dataset property of template repeater . I have written a script which creates the dataset for the repeater but i am not able to display the buttons

Hi, welcome to the forum!
I’m not sure i understand exatly, you have a main screen with buttons, and they all open the same popup which contains a few toggle buttons but each toggle button should have different labels depending on the button that opened the popup?
An easier method could be to just pass parameters to the popup with your open window script, but if you need to use the template repeater, can you show us how you’re building the dataset and the resulting dataset that you’ve built? And the configurations on the template repeater’s properties would make things easier to spot any mistakes.

Thankyou … I resolved my issue