Template repeater with a template property "UDTProperty"

I would like to use a template repeater with a template which contain a property with the type : “UDTProperty”
In the dataset, can we use a string to reference the udt path ???
As a workaround, into a template can we convert a string to a “UDTProperty” with an expression or a runscript ?

In order to convert a string to UDT it means the string is a serialized version of the UDT that was created manually. Don’t know if you can do that.


Hi mazeyrat,

did you solve this issue? I’m trying to do the same here!

I’ve switched to the tempate canvas component which is much more flexible than the template repeater.

hi @mazeyrat, did you manage to pass an UDT instance into a template in the Template Canvas? How did you to it? Thanks a lot.