Template repeater with Dataset behaviour to update SQL table

Hi all,

I am currently experimenting with the Template repeater. I have set my template and the template behaviour to Dataset which pulls data from a table in my SQL server. It displays the templates ok but when I try to edit the text fields it will not update the DB. In the binding property I cannot find an option to enable UPDATE query on value change.

This is the dataset pulled from my DB:

The query is the simple SELECT * FROM myTable. That is generated by the DB Browse.

So the question again is it possible to write back from the text fields in the template? Thanks!

Hi Vanko25,

The simplest way that comes to my mind would be to run a property change script on the text fields that fires an update query back to the database.(using system.db.runUpdateQuery).


Hi Zac,

That worked very well. Thanks!

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