Template Rotated Component Distortion

Has anybody else noticed that sometimes objects that rotate inside a template get distorted as they rotate, despite the fact that the template is the “master” size and “maintain aspect ratio” is selected for the component?

What’s the solution to make sure my rotating circles don’t become ovals?

Is this what you are seeing? This does look like a bug.

Not quite what I was talking about, but that does seem like a bug. I’ll have to see if I have time later in the week to better document it.

I have a template set up for a simple HOA switch. There’s a selector switch that rotates to -45, 0, or 45 degrees based on if hand, off, or auto is selected. The switch is perfectly circular and every time I use the template I make sure to start with the master template size and use ctrl+resize handle to keep the aspect ratio the same. My layout for the template and the switch graphic within the template are both set to maintain aspect ratio. Most of the time the switches look normal, but sometimes they’ll get distorted as the graphic rotates inside the template.


That does hide the issue i am seeing and might solve the OP’s issue. I still think there’s a bug here, if you don’t rotate the component, resizing the template instance works as expected. As soon as you rotate something that isn’t in the master aspect ratio is like it gets locked in.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try and see if it stops happening.

Use anchor layout

I contacted support and they have confirmed that the issue i am seeing is a bug. IGN-5903 if anyone is curious.