Templates Not Loading Fully

Has anyone had an issue where templates do not fully load in perspective? The first request to a page seems to always leave 1-2 templates showing null data then on the second request the page loads fully. Has anyone else had this issue and if so was there a fix?


What version are you on?

I assume by "template", you mean embedded view. How many embedded views are on there on a single view, and are there multiple levels of nesting? If so, how many?

Is there any thing in common with the views that show this issue? Similar device, level of nesting, etc...

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We are on the latest Ignition release.

Yes by template I meant embedded view. There are 2-3 levels of nesting in most embedded views and 10-20 embedded views on any given page.

Most of the components in our pages are embedded views with the exception of buttons / labels to control (start/stop/safety reset) our equipment / devices.

Thanks for the quick response.

This is the kind of thing our support department would like to hear about.

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